(my first) Friday faves

Since this blog a) never gets updated and b) is still confused about whether it’s a teaching, running, or “help my room is a mess” blog, I figured it had nothing to lose by trying a Friday favorites post. So, without further ado, here we go.

  • Lululemon “Run Times” short. They’re like the Speed shorts, so my hips/butt/quads still fit the way I like, but a little longer (read: more appropriate for kids to see me in!). Heyyyy, fifth grade run club in California.
  • Raqpak microfiber towel. It’s like a chamois for my body. (Fun fact: I didn’t know how to pronounce that word until I was 15.) Seriously though, it’s super absorbent which makes it great for post-swim-practice-or-OTF showers, the microfiber means my hair doesn’t get as frizzy when it air dries, and the towel itself dries really quickly so I don’t worry about my car getting all musty and stinky while I leave it in there all day. Tip: don’t get the smallest size.
  • !T Cosmetics “Je Ne Sais Quoi” lipstick. It’s a clear lipstick that turns the perfect everyday, teacher-friendly, I-just-want-to-look-alive-but-not-like-I-tried shade of pink when you put it on. It’s not sticky and it doesn’t dry my lips out. Sold.
  • A shirt I got during an 8-minute trip to TJ Maxx with my boyfriend the other day. I needed something more heat-friendly (105F) to wear while assisting on a photo shoot. I ended up with a gray tank that says “Running Stinks.” I will post a photo when I get to it, which is probably never. Oh, and I ended up wearing a dress for the shoot. Oh well.
  • On the running note, I promise it doesn’t really stink because I got selected to be a Walnut Creek Half Marathon ambassador! I get to spread the word about a super fun little race, go on group training runs, and give people discount codes along the way. I love this kind of stuff. #WCHM
  • The free “Envelopes” app. I’m trying to budget (like, actually) so that I can buy a house next summer and pay for a Master’s degree without any student loans. This is a really easy way to track what I spend, and it’s already made me much more aware of spending habits I didn’t realize I had. It’s kind of like the MyFitnessPal of budgeting, and I like that I have to put in info myself rather than it just pulling from my accounts.
  • Sleep.

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