What I’m Loving

This $5 stick-on pen loop: pretty much the best invention ever if you have a planner/notebook/bullet journal you carry around with you and enjoy having something to write with, too.

In that vein, the Plum Paper large teacher planner: so much heftier than the dinky little Lakeshore ones, but so much more durable and satisfying! I’m getting ready to order mine for next school year (already) and am nearly drooling with anticipation. Yes, really.

These yoga balls: the 55cm size is perfect for most of my fifth graders to use instead of a chair in class. I’ll post about this more later, but in the meantime, check out the balls. They have lasted me all year so far without popping or deflating!

Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 running shoes and this website that tells me what else I should try. I have both the 10’s and 11’s in my rotation right now, and though there are 12’s out now too, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to expand my running shoe repertoire. (I’m also thinking about trail shoes, after running Mt. Diablo 10k yesterday. Thoughts on these or other suggestions I should look into?)


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